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Collaborative Communication in the Workplace

Are you an employee that values being heard in the workplace for who you are? 

Do you have great new idea that would benefit both your co-workers and the organisation and would like to know how best to present it to your boss? 

Perhaps you are working on a project where there is friction that drains the enjoyment out of the task and you would like to know how ease the situation?

We spend an enormous amount of time at work and in the Western world the average work week is getting longer not shorter.  To work in an organisation where collaboration, trust and openness underpin the majority of communication certainly makes connection with others easier and less conflicting.  In fact empathy in the workplace stands out as the one focus in the workplace that can drive everything from productivity to meaning and morale.  Empathy is learned thoroughly from the NVC model developed by Marshall Rosenberg and used to as Marshall says “make life more wonderful”.

Using your Collaborative Communication Foundation training to:

  • Understand why some organisations work better than others
  • Learn why conflict arises and discuss strategies to resolve it using NVC
  • Empower others
  • Meet your needs and others in a team
  • Have more effective meetings

In this workshop, we look at practical application of NVC in the workplace and how it can benefit you specifically.

Communication in the Workplace

Communication in the Workplace (2 Day Workshop)


A 2 day interactive workshop combining the basics of Nonviolent Communication with practical workplace application.

  • collaboration in favour of conflict
  • personal responsibility instead of power plays.
  • honest communication empowering without blame or criticism
  • collaboration that moves teams to achieve more easily
  • a sense of the power of shared experience
  • empathic colleagues, not every man for himself
  • how to really deal with issues in meetings

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