Interpersonal Skills Training for Teams

It’s been said that 85% of the reason that teams struggle to achieve results is due to interpersonal challenges as opposed to lack of technical skills. It is critical for each team member to establish the skills they need if your teams are going to function as effectively as possible.

Interpersonal Skills, such as active listening and empathic communication, are the skills we use to interact or deal with people in our working and social lives. Interpersonal skills are sometimes also referred to as communication skills, people skills and/or soft skills.

Resolve Communication focuses on the use of empathy in its Collaborative Communication courses.

What is Empathy?

Empathy, which leads to the building of trust, is a measurable Emotional Intelligence attribute, can create a platform for effective understanding, communication and relationships. Being able to understand, and also to step back and achieve a detachment from one’s own emotions is essential for building effective and constructive relationships, particularly with the competing demands of team members.

Why is it Important?

Empathy particularly connecting with the needs of others helps in:
• solving problems collaboratively and individually;
• effective communication through active listening;
• avoiding or diffusing conflict
• establishing collaborative work relationships
• understand how others feel and what they are needing
• establishing rapport
• accommodation diversity

What Results Resolve Communication Brings with Collaborative Communication

• More Effective Meetings
• Peak Personal Performance
• Improved Team Communication
• Less Absenteeism
• Clarity Around Shared Reality
• Increased Productivity and Profit

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