Executive Coaching and Nonviolent Communication

Communication relies on two keys, taking responsibility of your own speech through thought practices and verbal expression In a coaching relationship we look at words as tools and explore how those tools can transform a coaching practice by providing both the coach and coachee with tools to use during the coaching relationship.

Collaborative Communication (the nonviolent communication model)

Collaborative Communication in Executive Coaching focuses on the acknowledged Emotional Intelligence marker of Empathy. In the Resolve Communication method this is measured through EQI testing. The executive has a bench mark from which to start. It distils some interesting conversations and helps the executive to explore what changes he may like to see in this area in the future, if empathy is not his/her strong point. Alternatively, having a high empathy marker can be a resounding measure of a healthy executive and a launching pad for how to use it beneficially with those he manages. Awareness is the key here as without awareness there could be a gap in the cognition of his/her needs in this area.

Full coaching on the Collaborative Communication model can now progress with an in depth look at connecting with the feelings and needs of others to promote greater understanding all round. This is followed by the way we either make demands or requests of others in our day to day dealings. Most people know a demand when they hear one, even though it may be covered with a please and thank you. We now work on making requests that come from a genuine desire to connect with others and elicit cooperation in favour of hierarchical demands, coming from a place of top down.

Some benefits of this collaborative communication coaching include:

• Previously unexplored awareness of the executive’s use of empathy
• How this can be used to solve problems and improve relationships
• Use with the executive to support his/her own wellbeing
• Diminished need to control others, preferring to elicit cooperation
• Personal empowerment of the executive

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