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Nonviolent Communication Foundation TrainingIt’s possible by surfacing and energizing that most often overlooked third dimension—the human dimension of connection. A connection based on empathy. There are three distinct levels of empathic connection that are constantly at play in our workplace: our relationship to our own internal state, our relationships with co-workers and collaborators —and the relationships that connect us with our end consumers. In many situations, the quality of these connections is not meeting critical human needs such as trust, respect, autonomy, understanding and meaning.  As a result organisational culture is often unhealthy and non- productive. Since our entire global economy is shifting to one of complex interdependent relationships, the value of connections and empathy in the workplace continues to increase. The use of this model offers proof that building a more compassionate, empathic workplace is precisely the path to greater productivity, and consequently, profits.

Today’s managers can build teams and organizations where empathy is the core driver of their success; with engaged people working productively in workplaces where inspired people and profits meet.  It just takes awareness of the use of collaboration through communication that’s primary purpose is to connect, not alienate. – Extracts from The Empathy Factor   by Marie Myashiro

Resolve Communications is interested in the communication story of each organisation, how it is now and how an organisation would like it to be.  It’s all about YOU and we have ears to listen!  We are interested in your bright future!

For that reason we offer FREE assessment to tailor our communication training for you.

We know that addressing communication problems without understanding the systems and processes from which they arise is finding a temporary solution to an ongoing problem.  It will return.    By also discussing the organisational needs and focusing on such things as Identity, Purpose and Direction it then becomes easier to apply strategies including NVC training to assist in moving organisations towards better communication with each member of the organisation resulting in more engaged employees, increased productivity and profit.

Review the content of the basic 2 Day Business Foundation Workshop or Advanced Management Training today as a guide to what you may expect in your business communication training.

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