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How would you like to have the skills to build personal and community relationships where mutual respect, love and willingness to contribute were a daily reality and not something reserved for special occasions? 

The ability to live this reality  lies in one or two people having the building blocks of empathy and understanding the needs and feelings of all those involved in a particular situation.  Our conditioning often leads us to believe our needs are the most important and yet every human being on the planet has the same needs.  More than likely they will go about meeting those needs in different ways to us and we tend to notice the differences, not the similarities, resulting in conflict.

In a workshop our attention is focused on two questions as the cornerstone of the NVC model:

  • What is alive in us?
  • How can we make life more wonderful for both of us?

When our attention is on the present and our intention is to connect with the other person without judgement, they receive the message that they are cared about.

They then feel safe enough to explore their inner world, share their journey and find their own solutions.  We offer the following: 

Collaborative Communication Foundation Workshop (2 Days)

2 Day Collaborative Communication Foundation – Community & Individuals


  • Learn to express yourself with honesty and compassion
  • Resolve conflict and meet the needs of all
  • Allow blame and criticism to wash over you, hearing only another’s needs
  • Become aware of yours and others feelings and needs, empowering your decisions
  • Make requests from a place of pure intention so that others will want to contribute

This is our foundation workshop on collaborative communication.  For further skills development our Communication in the Workplace is recommended after having completed this Foundation Workshop.

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Product Description

This training is hands-on, interactive and practical. Working in pairs and larger groups, reflecting and discussing the learning there is never enough time to explore all the possibilities. You will want more and at the end you will be ready to use the basics of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in daily life. You will have opportunities through the NVC network to continue your practice in the community and in your personal relationships. Make friends, come with a friend, share the learning, explore a new way of living. NVC is a guaranteed model for communication that heals, transforms and encourages.