Advanced Management Training

Career-Guidance-Lois-HewittIntensive Management Training in Collaborative Communication based on the Nonviolent Communication model. This includes interactive and practical exploration of the four part process of NVC and it’s application both in team and individual settings. Each manager will be given an RochMartin EQ® and Myers Briggs Type Indicator® assessment and receive coaching around those results using NVC as a model for improved empathic communication and collaboration.

On the third day the model will be used to show how manager’s can use improved communication skills to empower and improve the performance of the individual and department. This goes directly to the bottom line. Some specific advantages include:

  • The ability to give regular clear specific feedback – both positive and negative which supports willingness and collaboration.
  • Hearing feedback in a way that is free of blame and criticism
  • As a tool to meaningful problem solving with time efficiency – working with what really matters.
  • Building trust in team, collaboration and generative thinking
  • As a way to listen to staff, clients, customers without taking on their issues
  • As a tool for presence in any moment
  • To resolve conflict between staff and minimise bullying
  • As a way to support people to speak up and contribute their opinions in a safe framework
  • Techniques for being with people who are highly emotional and de-escalating the situation whilst meeting their needs
  • As a nonjudgmental and trust building way to have ‘difficult’ conversations with staff
  • To mediate conflict and restore harmony at all levels of an organisation

As a change in communication practices often requires practice, it is anticipated that another day each month for 5 months is scheduled to refresh the practice, ask questions and find solutions, have more practical exercises, observe progress and generally improve morale around instituting change.

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