Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it's the only thing" - Albert Schweitzer

  • Is your company involved in change?

  • Are you an HR professional looking for change tools?

  • Is the Company clear about its direction and purpose? 

  • As a Manager do you truly know your customer’s needs?

  • As an employee is your communication heard?

It’s all possible with Collaborative Communication and the EQ skill of Empathy.  Collaborative Communication is the foundation of any high performing business, or harmonious family and community environment. Yet given the diverse nature of the human beings, communication is often underpinned by criticism and judgment resulting in alienating behaviour towards yourself and others.

In a business environment, poor communication results in staff disengagement demotivation, and disempowerment. A company culture that lacks clarity and vision contributes to poor financial outcomes. Not surprisingly, a willingness of management and staff to listen and empathise will build trust. Environments of trust at all levels of an organisation contribute to a healthier culture, happier customers and reflect directly on the bottom line.

Resolve Communication uses the model of Nonviolent Communication or NVC developed by Marshall Rosenberg in the USA 40 years ago.   This model of Collaborative Communication focuses on a process for developing and deepening the practice of empathy. As we connect with the feelings and needs in ourselves and others we promote greater understanding.

Resolve works with the process of Integrated Clarity ® developed by Marie Myashiro of the Elucity Network. (www.empathyfactoratwork.com)  Elucity is part of the IC global team of consultants and trainers bringing collaborative communication and change to workplaces

Collaborative Communication fosters high quality relationships, a positive work environment and effective communication in the service of achieving shared purposes. It can be taught on a one on one basis or groups. If you are thinking empathy is too soft for today’s business environment, think again. Companies with highly effective communication practices are more than three times as likely to employ managers skilled in change communications resulting in improved employee attitude driving an 0.5% increase in company revenue. (Towers Watson Survey)

Resolve Communication through the use of Collaborative Communication in its training can help you:

    • Nonviolent CommunicationSeek collaboration in favour of conflict
    • Engage in honest communication without blame or criticism
    • Understand the needs of others
    • Help team members to achieve more easily
    • Foster empathic colleagues, not every man for himself
    • Become aware of yours and others feelings and needs, empowering your decisions
    • Make requests that foster others willingness to contribute
    • Learn to express yourself with honesty and compassion
    • Resolve conflict and meet the needs of all

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